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Welcome to Skewer House, Taunton


A family run Restaurant serving "Espetadas", traditional Madeiran skewers.


Our family is from the island of Madeira, a small Portuguese island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.


The Skewer House is our slice of Madeira in Taunton.


Mum has run her Restaurant 'O' Picado' since 2003 in Essex.

Mums restaurant serves a varied range of Portuguese dishes.

Espetada quickly became a customer favourite.

We moved to Somerset in 2014. quickly realising that Somerset could benefit from some Portuguese flavour.

We found the perfect listed building in Taunton and set out creating this amazing space.

We wanted the space to be reminiscent of a traditional "Casa De Espetada", "a skewer house"

We sourced wood from the Quantocks and made the tables, the crockery from Madeira and the church pews from a church in Bridgwater.

Focusing on every detail to transform the building into what it is today.

We opened our doors 16th October 2016.


We have slowly become one of the best restaurants in Taunton, with a reputation that we are extremely proud of.

Following our success, we decided to open a new Restaurant with our sister Sofia. 

On the 27th September 2019, we opened "Nobregas Tapas & Paella" run by our sister and her amazing team, which then sadly closed its doors October 2023.

January 2021, Sofia took over the Skewer House & opened a Brunch & Dessert Parlour with her partner Pedro in January 2022, which is located on Bath Place, called Corner Club. They sell our super popular cheesecakes, Nobrega's homemade Cronuts and Corner Club's signature Cookie Pie! You can also find homage to our restaurants in form of a Skewer House & Nobregas Bagel as well as other delicious savoury & sweet dishes.

what is an Espetada? 

where is Madeira?

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