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Here are a few rules we have put in place in line with Covid regulations

These rules have been put in place to ensure everyone who dines with us are safe swell as our team, we are trying our hardest to make it through this pandemic so we can all enjoy Skewers just like we did before. thank you for helping us through

1. please use hand sanitisers on entrance and exit.

2. please ensure we have your mobile number when booking a table.

3.please ensure you are wearing a face mask when you are not seated, this includes entrance, exit to and from table, toilet and cigarette.


( if you are exempt then please do not get offended if asked to wear a mask as we are only trying our best to keep everyone safe, if you are exempt you are welcome to visit without mask, we just ask everyone who is exempt to be aware we are in the middle of a pandemic and your health aswell as other peoples health is a top priority so we try our hardest to follow all guidelines for everyones safety.)

4. please stay seated where possible, we will bring the bill to your table with the card machine if needed.

5.please no getting up to wander around or to look at desserts or the bar, ask our amazing front of house team for help.

6.please keep volume of conversations to a respectful limit, no shouting over to your acquaintances on another table.

7.please keep your distance where possible.

8.please help us keep everyone safe we will try our best from our side.

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